Please be aware that we only accept USD.

Price per image

Here are the prices for commissions using our models.
More characters in the scene means more work, this is reflected in the price.

  • 1 character &  – $15
  • 2 characters – $25
  • 3 characters – $30
  • 4 or more – $15 per character.
  • Custom environment + $10
  • Wet effect + $5
  • Writers fee – $2 per page (this only applies if you want me to write your comic for you.)

Custom Models

  • Make a custom model – $100

Can be anything from a celebrity lookalike to your dream girl or just someone that you know.

Make sure to provide plenty of good reference photos.

You can also customize an existing model based on your needs.

For more information click here


Your comic can be many pages as you want but the more pages you order, the lower the cost per page.

  • $5 discount per page – when you order 24 or more pages.
Click here for an example of what one of your commissioned pages might look like.

Click here to see a list of our models.

Terms and Conditions

What follows is a list of the terms and conditions for making a commission from

It is recommended that you read through this list thoroughly so that you know what you are getting when you make a commission. Please understand that by commissioning an artwork or a comic from us you are agreeing to all of these terms and conditions, so make sure that you have read them all carefully before you pay for anything.

We will only work on one commission at a time, and we work on the commissions in the order that we received them, because we believe that this is the most fair for everyone.  As such you may have to wait several weeks or more for your commission to be completed.

Commissions are worked on in addition to our own original comics so it is important that you understand that we will split our time between working on our original projects and your commission.  Work on commissions can also be halted at any time or cancelled entirely due to unforeseen circumstances, by making a commission you are not guaranteed to receive anything within a given time, making 3D art takes time so you will have to wait for it to be completed in due course. 

  • We estimate that it could take between 2-4 weeks to complete a 10-12 page comic commission.
  • and around 1 week to complete a single page commission.

These are just estimates and every commission presents a different challenge and will take a different amount of time to be completed.

  • Once work on your commission has been completed a download link will be sent to your email.
  • Your commission could also be posted on Subscribestar as well as on any other websites where PS-Comics shares it’s content.
If you would like your commission to be private and exclusive for you there is a $20 fee per image.

In order to avoid any potential liabilities Pegasus Smith reserves all rights to the commissioned work, it’s story, characters. and contents within. Unless otherwise is agreed when the commission is made.

You are not allowed to post your commissions on other websites without asking concent from Ps-comics first.

We reserve the right to change or otherwise update these terms and conditions at any time, at our own discretion and without notice. Please understand that by commissioning an artwork or a comic from us you are agreeing to all of these terms and conditions, so make sure that you have read them all carefully before you pay for anything.

The purpose of this service is to fulfill your fantasy so please don’t be afraid to express yourself freely and ask for anything you want. We make no judgments and we are happy to do almost any kind of fetish content. The contents of the artwork or comic can be anything that you’d like, as long as it is legal. 

There are however a few things that we don’t do.

  • Underage characters. (all characters depicted in sexual situations has to be over the legal age which is usually 18 or 21.)
  • Extreme violence  (blood and gore, wounds that kind of stuff also know as Guro.)
  • Snuff ( any type of content depicting sexual glorification of death)
  • Gay or Yaoi (basically anything with regards to male homosexuality.)
  • Transsexual themes. (Crossdressing or Genderbender etc.)

Commission requests for comics or artwork containing these themes will be immediately declined. Requests for other content that haven’t been listed here may also be rejected, commissions are accepted based solely on our discretion, there are no guarantees.

Payment is always arranged privately between the person making the commission and Pegasus Smith.

By making a commission you agree to the terms that are listed on this website.

We will not take responsibility for any loss of funds that you may incur because of your own mistakes, and we cannot control how the payment service of your choice decides to handle any problems that you might run into because of a misunderstanding or error on your part. This is why it is very important that you understand how to use your payment processor of choice before you send any money to Ps-Comics.


  • We don’t do Refunds of any kind under any circumstance, every payment is final.

If there’s any confusion or if you have any questions, feel free to ask us anything using the contact info provided on our contact page.

Contact & Payment

Please use the email address listed below to contact Pegasus Smith and inquire about making a commission.
Pegasus Smith usually responds pretty quickly so please check your “spam” or “junk” folder if you haven’t heard back from Pegasus within a couple of days.

Do not make your payment before getting in touch with Pegasus Smith. This will not speed up the process and your money could be lost as it may be sent to the wrong person. Once your commission has been accepted you will be sent a link to provide your payment.